Crispy Apple

Crispy Apple: Microwave Vacuum Drying Technology for Extended Freshness and Nutritional Values

At Healacks, we preserve the nutritional values of apples with a microwave vacuum drying process conducted at low temperatures. This technique ensures the retention of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. After the drying process, the natural sweetness and flavor of the apples intensify, making them a more satisfying and aromatic snack.



Versatile Uses


You can enjoy our Crispy Apple slices directly as a snack. They also pair wonderfully with granola, yogurt, breakfast cereals, or muesli in the morning. Moreover, they make a perfect addition to cakes, pies, ice creams, or puddings by providing a natural taste and color. Added to smoothies or shakes, they enhance the flavor and texture of your beverages, or you can add them to green or seasonal salads to inject sweetness and color into your dishes.


Healthy and Natural with Healacks Quality


Healacks Crispy Apple contains no additives and offers a completely natural snacking option. It is ideal for those looking to support healthy eating and a natural lifestyle. Each slice of apple is brimming with freshness and intense flavor from nature.




Experience the freshness with Healacks Crispy Apple in its convenient 15 gr packaging option.