Crispy Cherry Tomatoes

Crispy Cherry Tomatoes: Microwave Vacuum Drying Technology for Long-lasting Freshness


At Healacks, we use a microwave vacuum drying process conducted at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional values of cherry tomatoes. This method ensures that essential nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidants are retained. After the drying process, the sweetness and flavor of the cherry tomatoes intensify, making them a more satisfying and aromatic snack. Additionally, the long shelf life of our dried cherry tomatoes allows you to enjoy seasonal products all year round.


Versatile Uses


You can enjoy our Crispy Cherry Tomatoes directly as a snack. They pair wonderfully with yogurt in the mornings or can be added to cold sandwiches for perfect flavor enhancement. When used in green or seasonal salads, they are chosen for adding color, taste, and flavor. Crispy Cherry Tomatoes also provide a natural flavor and a nutritious touch to your dishes.


Healthy and Natural with Healacks Quality


Healacks Crispy Cherry Tomatoes contain no additives and offer a completely natural flavor option. They are ideal for those looking to support healthy eating and a natural lifestyle. Each slice of cherry tomato is filled with freshness and intense flavor from nature.



Both Brand New and Extremely Delicious Crispy Cherry Tomatoes… 15 gr.