Crispy Capia Pepper

Crispy Capia Pepper: Microwave Vacuum Drying Technology for Rich Flavor and Nutritional Values


At Healacks, we use a microwave vacuum drying process conducted at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional values of capia peppers. This process ensures that essential nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants are retained. After the drying process, the sweetness, aromatic, and spicy flavors of the capia peppers intensify, enhancing the flavor and aroma they add to dishes.


Versatile Uses


You can consume Crispy Capia directly as a snack. When added to spice mixes or used directly as a spice, they impart a characteristic flavor to dishes. Used in seasonings and sauces, they enhance the flavor of meals. They can also be added to or mixed into pizzas and pastas, providing a unique taste to these dishes.


Healthy and Natural with Healacks Quality


Healacks Crispy Capia contains no additives and offers a completely natural flavor option. It is an ideal choice for those looking to support healthy eating and a natural lifestyle. Each slice of capia pepper is filled with freshness and intense flavor from nature.


Experience the extended freshness with Healacks Crispy Capia in its convenient 15 gr packaging option!