Crispy Peach

Crispy Peach: Extended Freshness with Microwave Vacuum Drying


At Healacks, we use a microwave vacuum drying process conducted at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional values of peaches. This method ensures that essential nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidants are retained. After the drying process, the sweetness and flavor of the peaches intensify, making them a more satisfying snack. Additionally, thanks to the long shelf life of our dried peaches, you can enjoy these seasonal products all year round.


Versatile Uses


You can enjoy our Crispy Peaches directly as a snack. They pair wonderfully with granola, yogurt, or breakfast cereals in the morning. They can be added to cakes, pies, ice creams, or puddings to provide a natural taste and color to your desserts. Incorporate them into green or seasonal salads to add flavor and color to your dishes. They can also be mixed into cookie dough or cake batter, giving your sweets a natural fruity flavor.


Healthy and Natural with Healacks Quality


Healacks Crispy Peach contains no additives and offers a completely natural snacking option. It is ideal for those looking to support healthy eating and a natural lifestyle. We take pride in offering our customers the highest quality and most reliable products. Each slice of peach is brimming with freshness and intense flavor from nature.

Add the freshest flavors of nature to your life with Healacks Crispy Peach!


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