Dried Onion

A Powerful Combination of Health and Flavor

At Healacks, we aim to bring you the most valuable and healthy flavors that nature has to offer. Dried onion slices are a versatile, natural, and delicious alternative in the kitchen. This product, being the dried form of fresh onions, retains the core part of the fruit after losing its water, thus preserving its nutritional values and intensifying its flavor.


Nutritious and Delicious


Dried onion is an indispensable ingredient in kitchens for adding flavor and aroma. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is known for adding depth to dishes.


Health Benefits


– Effective Against Microbes: Thanks to its natural antibiotic properties, dried onion is very effective in eliminating microbes.

– Expectorant: It eases the respiratory tract and has expectorant properties.


Various Uses


Dried onion slices can be used as a flavor enhancer in meat, chicken, and meatball mixtures. They are also suitable for use in salty crackers, chips, instant soups, dumplings, and enriched flour. Dried onion can be utilized in many recipes where you wish to express your culinary creativity.


Natural and Healthy


Healacks Dried Onion Slices do not contain any additives and can be safely consumed due to their completely natural structure. They are an ideal option for anyone looking to prepare healthy and delicious meals in both home and professional kitchens.


With Healacks Quality


At Healacks, we pride ourselves on offering the freshest and highest quality products. Our dried onions are produced from the highest quality onions, carefully selected from nature and processed to high standards.



Discover the rich flavor and health benefits that dried onions bring to kitchens and elevate your meals to the next level!



Nutritional Values


– Energy (kcal): 349

– Carbohydrates (g): 83.28

– Protein (g): 8.95

– Fat (g): 0.46

– Fiber (g): 9.2

– Cholesterol (mg): 0

– Sodium (mg): 21

– Potassium (mg): 1622

– Calcium (mg): 257

– Vitamin A (IU): 18

– Vitamin C (mg): 75

– Iron: 1.55


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