Dried Orange

Freshness from Nature with Healacks

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Unique Flavor: Dried Orange


Dried Orange offers the magnificent taste and healthy qualities of oranges without losing its freshness. These orange slices, dried under the sun and carefully processed, provide energy with their natural sugar content, while contributing to your health with Vitamin C and antioxidants.


Versatile Uses


You can enjoy Dried Orange as a snack or use it in granola, yogurt, and salads. Additionally, you can enhance the flavor of your hot beverages or recipes by adding a natural taste and color.


Healthy and Natural


Moreover, you can consume it safely with its natural structure that does not contain any additives. Dried Orange is an ideal option for those seeking healthy and tasty snacks, and its practical packaging makes it suitable to carry with you.


With Healacks Quality


Experience the best of nature with Healacks Dried Orange and add a fresh touch to your healthy lifestyle!


Nutritional Information (Per Serving):


Energy (kcal): 325

Carbohydrates (g): 77

Protein (g): 6

Fat (g): 2

Fiber (g): 6

Calcium (mg): 288

Vitamin A (IU): 156

Vitamin C (mg): 104

Sugar (g): 49


Dried Orange Slices with 25g, 50g, and 100g Packaging Options