Dried Persimmon

The Exotic Meeting of Health and Flavor

At Healacks, we aim to bring you the most special and healthy flavors nature has to offer. Dried persimmon slices emerge as an exotic, natural, and delicious snacking alternative. Sun-dried and carefully processed, these persimmon slices offer the unique taste and health benefits of fresh persimmons.


Nutritious and Delicious


Dried persimmons are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins A and C. Each slice is brimming with natural sugars, providing energy-boosting properties.


Health Benefits


Supports Vision Health: The high content of vitamin A supports vision health and reduces the risk of night blindness.

Strengthens the Immune System: Rich in vitamin C, dried persimmons strengthen the immune system and provide protection against diseases.

Contributes to Digestive Health: With their high fiber content, persimmons help maintain the regular function of the digestive system.

Relieves Constipation Problems: The fibrous structure prevents and relieves constipation.

Strengthens the Stomach Lining: Offers supportive effects for stomach health.

Balances Blood Sugar: Natural sugars help balance blood sugar levels.

Beneficial for the Eyes: Vitamin A content protects eye health and helps prevent eye diseases.


Various Uses


Beyond being a snack, dried persimmon slices can be used in breakfast with muesli or yogurt, in dessert recipes, or as a natural sugar alternative in various dishes.


Natural and Healthy


Healacks Dried Persimmon Slices contain no additives and can be safely consumed with their completely natural composition. They are an ideal option for anyone looking to support a healthy lifestyle.


With Healacks Quality


At Healacks, we are proud to offer the freshest and highest quality products. Our dried persimmon slices are made from the finest fruits carefully selected from nature and processed to high standards.


Discover the exotic taste of dried persimmon slices and enjoy healthy snacking!


Nutritional Values


Energy (kcal): 272

Carbohydrates (g): 61.31

Protein (g): 2.45

Fat (g): 1.15

Fiber (g): 11.5

Cholesterol (mg): 0

Sodium (mg): 15

Potassium (mg): 651

Calcium (mg): 31

Vitamin A (IU): 920

Vitamin C (mg): 49.04

Iron: 1.42


Dried Persimmon Slices with 25g, 50g and 100g Packaging Options